The Gnome
Project Info

Digital painting, figure and rabbit done in summer of 2019.


Only one program was used while creating this project:

  • Photoshop

Full Work

The Gnome

The Gnome

I am a fantasy buff, but I am also a proud owner of two pet bunnies: Zebra & Roger. They are amazing and super social pets to have around. They are also a great source of inspiration . This piece was done as a sort of a concept art—a Gnome on a mounted bunny.

The Inspiration

There are moments when I feel like painting, but I have no idea what exactly I feel like painting. The pen is hovering just above the tablet and my mind is racing to find something worth while. Which is silly… I mean, I paint for the sake of painting, not to produce the next Mona Lisa. My art teacher used to say that great art is very rarely planed. You can not sit down and make yourself create something great, it pretty much has to come by itself.

This piece is a result of exactly that moment. I was waiting for an inspiration to come, browsing Pinterest and Artstation favorites, hoping something would just strike my eye. Eventually I just started drawing whatever came to mind. After a few deleted sketches a bunny started to emerge.

I had this concept in my mind for a while. I am of course biased, but I do believe a bunny would make for a very good mount for a rider of an appropriate size. They are super fast, very alert and can move through hard terrain fairly easily. I mean, the hopping would be uncomfortable as hell most probably, but damn, you are riding a bunny.

So, after I finished a sketch, I let it lay for a while and finally came around to finishing it a bit later. Mostly because I do not enjoy painting fur too much, it is kind of a pain. I do enjoy painting bunnies though, so there might be more to come.