Logo | Red Ram Crossfit
Project Info

Logo and t-shirt design for crossfit gym. Designed in 2018.


There were more then one program used while creating this project:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Red Ram Crossfit Logo

This one has a history. So, before you can register as a proper crossfit gym and have the word „crossfit“ in your name you actually have to have some history and bunch of workouts done. Which is nice, of course. But first you need to establish a gym. In this case, it was called „The Gym“ and I was the one working on the logo for this establishment. It was some years ago. After registering, the owner contacted me with the request for a new logo with new name: Aries Crossfit. As you can see, none of these actually match the name in the logo.

So this is basically the third logo I created for this one single gym.

1, 2, 3…

The final logo is a typography play with two „R“s in the name Red Ram. The idea sparked when I was working on the first design for Aries Crossfit that got rejected. I created a ram horn out of letter „R.“ Moving to the new name „Red Ram“ I utilized this idea to create a logo that would be more simplified and less grungy.

Later I have discovered that Crossfit being a registered trademark, it is required to be used only with the Impact font. (Yes, the meme font. Only font that is slightly less overused than Comics Sans). I was ecstatic, but I finally managed to find a typography that would fit together even though I am using different two fonts in one logo.

Sweating Through T-Shirts

As if finalizing three different logos was not enough, the t-shirt era had a very similar pattern. Yet another project that had me running in circles a producing tons of variations to find one that would be to my client’s liking. And when we finally found one, discover that the client got the specification wrong and did not realize that machine can only produce A3 images for t-shirts. Of course the design would not work like that as the client aimed for seam-to-seam print.

Back to the drawing board again. At certain point, I should lose some complimentary weight just for the hours I already put into designing branding for this gym. I didn’t though and we finally agreed on sticking with a simple logo recreation for the front and name for the back.

Though it was a long process to get the branding finalized, I enjoyed exploring more sporty designs than I usually do.