3D Mad Max Ford Falcon
Project Info

A 3D model of one of the most famous nerd-mobile: Ford Falcon from the Mad Max movie series.


There were more then one program used while creating this project:

  • 3Ds Max
  • Photoshop


Mad Max Ford Falcon 3D model diffuse map

Ford Falcon

Okay… This is now done. It took me more three years to get this model done. Mostly because there was always something else to do. Believe it or not I have started working on this before the plans for the new movie even went public. So, what I am actually trying to say is, I was Mad Max fan before it was cool.

Mad about this Particular Falcon

This model is a living embodiment of how evolving skill and constant improvement can change the final outcome. The most frustrating part and the one that was responsible for holding this piece up was the fact that I started working on this model before I knew what I was doing. This resulted in some serious half-ass modeling, a lot of bugs and smoothing groups that were all around the place.

Every step was a new discovery and a new skill acquired or honed. And that is why every single attempt at a follow up turned into bug-fixing session with a lot of swearing at past Martin for doing so badly.

Why did I not start all over again when the things were, in fact, so bad? Well, I am glad you ask, random internet visitor… or just a random Google crawler. Simply because of how many hours already went into this particular .max file. It grew into personal challenge to continue, improve and do my best to finish.

It was quite a challenge…

So, what has changed in the number of years? There were few noteworthy moments that got me really stuck. Finishing up all the little bug fixes until I was at least somewhat okay with the model I have to work with, unwrapping took quite a toll on me too (since upon finishing I have discovered I somehow forgot to finish modeling the back of the car #ragequit) and the third one was making the textures themselves.

I spent quite some time looking for the right look of a really old worn metal material I was satisfied with. And once I found it, it took me almost twice as much time to get all parts covered.

So, what really changed? Well, the fact is, I got sick and needed something to switch to after hours of Witcher 3 gameplay. So there you go, not effectivity, not motivation gets projects done—it is boredom and stubbornness.