Feral Future
Project Info

A visual art series with post-apocalyptic theme and maybe some cyber-punk influence. Done over a year of 2013 and some continuing works in 2014.


This is a free-time activity utilizing mostly my visual arts background:

  • Digital painting
  • Photoshop

Full Works

Feral Future 02

The Feral Future

There is something about the post-apocalyptic visions that fascinates us. The whole sub-culture of post-apocalyptic literature, arts and games… Maybe it is the distopical, yet functional simplification of our current reality that makes this topic so attractive for us. Or maybe we are just vain and we want to see how would it all end up, hoping we would be the tenacious survivors roaming the wasteland.

Still, for me, post-apocalyptic world is one of the themes I do find more interesting than others when starting a new project.

Feral Future Sketches

The Feral Future Concept

There might be some subconscious reason – some infuriating moment connected to tangled headphones or to me, trying to eat spaghetti with just a smidge of class and ending up ruining a clean shirt. Honestly, I wouldn’t know. My only known source of inspiration lies within the motif of a short story written by a friend of mine. In it, the whole post-apocalyptic society is based and functions around a particular piece of material that we consider useless and absolutely every-day – in the short story, this item becomes the most valued commodity in the World. Now, I am not saying what exactly that material is –  hoping to make the author finally write the short story down and let me see it.

During the discussion about this literary piece he is planning on doing, I realized that cables might turn out to be quite useful and valued in a post-apocalyptic society. As annoying as they can be, they are still very resilient, flexible and mouldable. You can bind them, knit them and you can use them to transfer electricity – of course. The point is – if you are roaming the wastelands, you would probably be also collecting some cables in the process.

The first piece of art-work took about 6-7 hours and was one of the first that was not done in black and white and then colored – it started up in the full color and slowly grew into current visual.

The Post-Apocalyptic Future of the Feral Future

There, of course, is much more to explore about this concept and a potential for much more work, even outside the boundaries of simple series of paintings. I am going to pursue it? I have no idea at this point, but if I do, you’ll find out.