Chair Design (2014)
.Project Info

A chair design to enter the in the furniture design comeptition of WK Team – the furniture manufacturer.

Created in 2014.


There were more then one program used while creating this project:

  • Furniture Design
  • AutoCAD
  • 3Ds Max for Visualisation

Chair Design

My very first, yet very successful attempt at furniture design. A simple, contemporary wooden chair in two variants – with and without armrests. The furniture reseller – WK team, showed interest, is willing to add it to their collection and possibly produce it.

One of the main criteria for the design was to create a chair that would be of modern and interesting design, yet subtle enough so that it would be possible to use more than one in the same space. Number of chairs and arm-chairs of high aesthetic value are so bold and draw so much interest that it would be impossible to use the to furnish the restaurant – a good example is a well-know Panton chair, sold by Vitra. There is no doubt about the quality of this particular design, however it was created for a very different space than that of a restaurant. The Panton chair is meant to be the accent of the room – a solitaire. Imagine fifty of them in one room and the value of this masterpiece goes rapidly down.

Chair Design Blueprint

Wood Over Every Other Matter…

One of the most famous production of bentwood furniture, especially well-known for the chair design – Chair No. 14, is situated right behind the border. Ton seems to have no problem entering new millennium with technology, that is more than seventy years old and proving that bentwood is still as modern and still as imaginative and captive way of creating wooden furniture as it was then. Following their example, I tried to create a design using nothing but wood. Even though bentwood has now very little technical limitations, I wanted a plain geometry without bent components.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t very thrilled about designing a chair I have to say it offered me a new look and something as „common“ as a chair and thought me to always look where I sit.